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Thanks btb.

I ended up taking yesterday off. Really pushing yourself to the limit on deadlifts makes everything pretty damn sore. Upper back, arms, everything was tight. Today I feel good again, so I got some upper body in. Unfortunately, it looks like my goal of getting the 270 pt test score won't happen this time around. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've actually done PT at work, and I just can't train on my own enough to maintain my strength while also getting back into running condition.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll start doing PT again and I can start moving towards my goals again. It's been a frustrating situation, but that's not the point of this thread.

Mid grip bench, ring fingers on the rings-
225x3 (speed set)
225x3 (speed set)

Landmine press (supersetted with pullups)-


*For these sets I placed my feet behind me on a bench, so these sets were spotted at the bottom of the movement

Normally landmine presses are done with one end of the bar secured on the ground, usually in a corner. I did them differently. I placed one end of the bar (the wider part, outside the collar) in one side of my squat rack set to just above my height. Then I grabbed the other end of the bar and did single arm overhead presses. The rack caught the collar on the other side and kept the bar secure as I lifted my end. The numbers are the weight I added to my side of the bar.

I'll be using these more. They don't aggrevate my shoulders nearly as much as other overhead presses, which is the whole point of landmine presses. The spotted pullups are still awesome. I've used them almost exclusively to develop my upper back and biceps in the last few months, and will continue to do so. I've NEVER had a pump in specific muscles of my back like I get from spotted pullups.

I've always done my bench press really wide. When I was younger I'd do them with pointers on the rings, and now I do them even wider. I'd go a thumb from the ring if my rack gave me enough space, which it doesn't. Because of this, I've developed a large, wide, strong chest. Ths is, of course, perfectly fine with me, but I believe that if I can get my bench up with a closer grip it will help me develop some more triceps size and strength, which will help me get even bigger numbers on my wide grip bench.

I guess we'll see.
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