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Originally Posted by linedriver465 View Post
Great lifting Jimbo! Good luck with the cut - I'm sure you'll finish leaner and stronger than ever
Thanks Nick!! It seems like I have taken a bit of a hit in the strength dept, but it is likely a combo of the back issue and the cut.

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great work Super Jim! Well it sucks about not being able to pull, but not unexpected. Surprised you tried, to be honest, but glad you didn't push it or hurt yourself. Hope the GMs and RDLs don't do more harm. Stay strong bud, keep workin!
Thanks Jay! I gave it a shot because back felt good throughout my stretching. Previously it has not. However, I now know where I stand and will try again in a couple of weeks at the crew gym with those 10 lb oly plates.

The rdl's and gm's felt good but lower back started to fatigue quickly.

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Good session super Jim ... take your own time ... do not start things too quickly ... Your squat and Military press numbers are quite strong considering your back condition. Hang in there ... sometime we need to go a step back in order to go two step ahead ... keep lifting and stay strong brother ...
Thanks Ravi! Indeed, I'm in no hurry, but it is a good thing to know where I stand. I wasn't going to do more than 1 single anyway even if I was OK.

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
I'm sorry,did someone lift? All I heard was Disturbed in the background. No Kenny G this time?

Tee hee hee,I just see a lot of numbers. They look good to me.
Haha - nope, not me! Kenny G? I have never played any of him!! LOL. Ya, I am overall happy with it, but was still grumpy all thru the sesh.

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Nice pressing. Have you started doing any of that rehab stuff and supplementation that the Sugden guys suggested?
Indeed Al! I drink gallons of water and was actually taking those supps already, plus a few more. I have been doing dead hangs galore everyday to help decompress and will be doing more and more chins and pull ups to decompress as well.

I am also thinking of getting one of those inverter tables where you hang upside down. I also thought of maybe becoming an astronaut.

Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
You trying to be funny by doing the same bench weight as me!

Strong work, how did it feel on the back?

Make sure you are driving the heels down, the bar is waving a little at the top.
LOL - it sure does feel good to be anywhere near your numbers JB! Hopefully on your upcoming program, I will keep pace with you!

Back felt OK, but it did fatigue quickly on the RDL's and GM's, so I didn't do much with them. Funny thing was it felt really good during my stretching and hangs beforehand, but there is obviously no strength there yet.

It sure feels weird to fail at 135 tho.

Thanks for the tip to cue in on that heel drive.

Originally Posted by Paradox View Post
Well, it's safe to say that if you do have to be bench only, you're going to be pretty fucking good at it, mate. Awesome pressing.
Indeed, it's looking like it Dave. I think I may have to do more paused work. On my first lift in Vegas last November, I got 1 red light from the rear judge. He told me the bar sank slightly into my chest during the pause. I must have had a tremor. I am going to ask the crew to watch that when I do paused pressing with them. It really sucks to be red lighted on something like that after completing a lift. It just as sucky as being called on squat depth, which also happened to me on my first squat attempt.

I vow to become the best damn bencher I can.
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