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Yeah, I normally deadlift with my feet and arms further in! I don't know what I was doing. I think the cleans messed me up as I normally have my hands out wider on those as it's easier to rack with my hands wider, then as I went along into deadlifts I left my hands out there and my feet just kept creeping out to my hands. No wonder those were a little harder than I expected.

You're right KD. Two distinct pulls. I can certainly do them better than that, but haven't done any in a few months so was pretty rusty. On the plus side, above my knees the bar was in great position all the way up until the rack. So I fix the first pull so it's not so stiff legged and fixing the rack is easy, just commit harder to getting under the bar. I think I'm going to go back to more cleans and snatch and fun stuff this summer.

Still, I got those deadlifts done which is the main thing. Thanks for the tips, fellas! I'm always in the market for ideas to deadlift better. Man, I stink at those. I swear I'm gonna squat 400 before I ever deadlift it. That's pitiful. I really don't understand it as my grip and back and legs can handle the weight no problem, I really feel like I should be able to deadlift a lot more weight, but I don't for some reason. It's like just putting my strength all together in the right way that seems to be the problem. I'll get it figured out though. I'm gonna be real pleased on that day!

I found out I got into the meet April 6, and it's right here in Richmond so the family is going to get to see me lift on stage for the first time. The wife will be surprised as she's never really seen me lift and the boy will be excited to see a meet. Of course the girl will be unimpressed. She'll probably critique my form.

Tough weekend as the deadlifts beat the snot out of me, then tubing for a few hours bruised up any parts that weren't sore. Water park and slides weren't much better either, although the hot pool had jets and I literally just sat in front of one for an hour almost! Felt so good on my low back!

Still, was a fun getaway. Nice break in the routine.

Taking the day off today. I'll start week 9 tomorrow.
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