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I thought I should also add a little background for those I have not had a chance to converse with.

I'm 29 years old. I'm happily married with two children ages 4 and 2. I'm into classic cars, restoring classic bikes, shooting, and spending as much time out in the wild as possible. I've been in the military in one form or another since I was 17. Some of that time has been spent in the Naval Reserve, so I've also held a wide variety of other jobs as well. I took weight training in high school because I was one of the youngest in my class, a late bloomer, and naturally small. I had hoped to use weights to become stronger, larger, and more respected by so-called peers. Unfortunately, high school weight training is not always filled with quality training, and I wound up sucked into the weider box black hole for the next decade. I started lifting in earnest when I met a real power lifter in Kuwait, just a short time before a base meet. He gave me some pointers, put me onto some online resources, and away I went. I won that meet in my weight class weighing 180.0lbs. Being overly ambitious, I opened too high on my squat, only 10lbs shy of my gym PR. Nerves and everything else caught up to me under the bar and I bombed it twice, and got a no-go on my third attempt for depth. It didn't really get me down though. I went on to bench 290lbs, and deadlift 365, winning both of those, and the overall for my weight. The competition was pretty sparse, only two guys, one of which quit when he realized how much weight would be required to win. It was a great experience though, and I never would have guessed how absolutely draining a meet could be. I've been lifting since then, however, it's been spotty and without direction. I recently deployed again to Afghanistan and decided to get my ass back in gear. I borrowed an HIIT weights program to shed some of the blubber I had accumulated, got the results I wanted, and now I'm ready to SFW again. Without furthur delay, here was day 1.




275x5 Oops
275x5 Oops

I had not intended to F with the routine, but I got a massive caffeine headache during my bench warmup that pretty much ceased all thinking. I'm really glad that I had pre-filled my log book with my intended workout, otherwise I would not have been able to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. The "Oops" deads were not supposed to be done. I couldn't think straight, and was wondering why the other two movements had 3 work sets and deads only had one. Turns out, that was intentional in the program. I DID get some good pulls in, good form, not too much strain. So I might continue with the extra work sets for as long as I can.

The headache came from stupidity today. I was having my 3rd cup 'o joe since lunch, and realized it was time to hit the gym. So I did what I had been planning, loaded 10oz of water with THREE FRIGGIN SCOOPS of PWO, chugged it and ran. About halfway through my workout I got the most blinding headache I've had in a long, long time without the aid of alcohol or illness. Anyways. Thats it for today.

178.6lbs@15.4%BF (bio-impedance scale guesstimate)

As I'm writing this, I see the "similar threads" at the bottom of the screen and realize I have unconsciously ripped off the title. I thought it sounded a bit too creative for me to come up with on my own. Hope no one is offended, cuz I like it, and I'M KEEPIN IT!
My Training Log

Personal tips that I've learned along my still short journey:

Leave your ego at the door.
Prepare. Showing up dehydrated, hungry, and tired will guarantee failure.
Be ready to fight for that grinder of a PR.
Listen and learn. Absorb everything you can, and assimilate that knowledge.

Top Gym lifts:
Squat: 415lbs
Deads: 450lbs
Bench: 315lbs
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