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Today was the end of my 12 day routine cycle (4 day squat/deadlift cycle running with a 6 day back/chest/shoulder). It ended with a great chest session!

Started with flat db press (have been taking a break from bb press for a while now)
Flat DB Press (3 minute rest period)
Target: 4x6 @ 85 lb db
Repped: 1x6@85s, 1x6@85s, 1x4@85s & 1x4 @85 (stopped at 4 on sets 3 & 4 as I did not want to hit positive failure on rep 5).

Incline BB Press (1 minute rest period, light weight as I'm pretty tired after Flat)
Target: 3x8-10 @ 120lbs
Repped: 1x8@120, 1x8@120, 1x7@120 (stopped one rep short of positive failure on last set).

Extra 'Pump' Exercise to maybe help with chest development, some extra blood flow to the area....(1 minute rest)
Plate Squeeze: 4x12@35lb plate; all reps accomplished.

As for the upcoming week these would by new goals in my main lifts if I re-start the cycle tomorrow:

Deadlift: 6x3@310lbs
Seated DB Press: 4x6@60lb DBs
Yates Row: 4x8@145lbs (Have been doing Pendley but these are easier on my lower back, routine gives you the option to rotate between types of rows every other workout).
Full Back Squats: 4x6@210lbs **(Accidentally put my box squat numbers in my first post in this thread for stats)**
Box Squats: 4x6@230lbs

However, due to my lower back being sore, I may omit my deadlift day tomorrow or do it very lightly. The pain seems to be in my deep lower back, on the right and left side of my spinal erectors by my hips (and maybe a little towards centre). It does not bother me on chest,shoulders or back day, or even squatting. Only feel it on my deadlift day, and a lot in the mornings bending over but a hot shower has me pretty good for the day.

If I choose an upper/lower split to continue with I may use Lyle's Generic Bulk Routine, as it would give me a break from deadlifts until I feel 100 percent, and more rest days. It also has similar scheme for me to progress with, 4x6 etc so my numbers would carry over to that program nicely.

There will be pictures coming soon so you know the condition I'm currently in and you will better understand my goals!

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