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Originally Posted by miked96 View Post
When you go back to benching consider two things with the MM routine.
1.Bench once a week. I know the original routine has two days but those guys were doing most of their work in shirts, they were chemically enhanced, and bench only lifters. Sebastian Burns recommend a bench day and a squat/dl day if a full meet lifter and natural. Anything else was too much. I struggle with the same thing because I love to lift but sometimes that love gets you hurt and retards progress.

2.Dont go crazy with the big jumps looking for PRs every workout. Especially with the boards. That routine is all about volume and letting it raise your strength over time. Make 10 to 20 pound jumps on the boards and put the work in. So if you stop pause benching at 335x3, start your board work at 365 and work up doing triples. The overall weight you handle is going to be alot greater if you just make 50 pound jumps and only get three sets in. In the end, who gives a shit what you board press. Its an exercise to make the bench go up not an event.
we've known this for months, but refused to accept it. Lol. Thanks as always for the great advice.

Thats kind of what i have in mind. Once a week MM benching.

I'm pretty sure i can get by with more than 2 sessions a week though. I'm sure it would work great that way, but i want to focus on squats and deads individually.

Heres what i'm thinking. Please share your thoughts.

Monday- Squats. Heavy, with the same setup i'm using now. Its working great, so i dont want to change it... follow with some hamstrings and ab work.

Tuesday- shoulder and upper back work. Easy session, but i really need both of these. Shoulder press strength is embarrasing. I hit 160 strict the other day. I want to be pressing 2 plates, and benching does absolutely nothing for my shoulder press strength. Upper back work to be machine rowes and pullups. Nothing taxing on my lower back...

Thursday- deads. Probably wave the intensity of these. I think i want to work myself down from different rack heights. I can get in perfect position at knee level and work my glutes/ hammies hard. I did this last friday and wasnt sore at all, and i pulled 585 beltless??? Maybe work down the rack a little bit til i can get the position i want from the floor. Pulling from the floor is very taxing on my low back, mainly because i lean over the bar and use a lot of quads and low back. Thats what i'm trying to fix...

Friday- completely destroy myself with MM bench. Recover all weekend

So basically 3 hard sessions and an accy day. I'm pretty sure this is how i want to set it up, and if i have recovery issues, then i'll reduce more. I'm almost handling 4 brutal sessions now, so 3 should be pretty easy. Especially if i pull from the rack.
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