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Default Foundation of Speed

Over the last few months of lifting again on a highly inconsistent basis, I've learned a few things, but only one is worth mentioning in THIS thread. That would be speed.

In the past, I worked on speed in my deadlift a lot. Leverage benefits and decent technique aside, it was my best lift. I always tried to lift that off the ground explosively.(And I also killed myself on deadlift day week after week) The other lifts? Not so much.

So, since November(maybe October) when I had to start out really light on everything, I decided to focus on two things: Speed and technique. Techniques in each lift were fairly solid. Well, better than most guys in the gym I've seen- even after not lifting for a few months. Speed was something I knew I had previously lacked in the squat and bench. Deadlift and press speed were not too bad and still remained with me. So...I focused on speed in the bench and squat.

What I've found over this roller coaster of inconsistent lifting is that after focusing so much speed into my squat and bench, I have maintained a lot of speed and allowing me to start back at my previous weights even if it's been a few weeks since I've last trained that lift. Given, the weights are fairly light compared to what I used to move, and they could be heavier had I been more consistent lately, but I have never moved these weights so quickly.

Examples: Previously, my best squat was 385 I believe. Maybe 380. Doesn't matter. When I squatted 225 during that time, I did not move 225 pounds as quickly or as easily as I do now. Same with bench. My best bench was 230, but I could not move 155 as easily as I do now. Both lifts obviously have a lower one rep max.

What could this be? For one, better technique. I focused on it some. Secondly, I focused a lot on being as quick and explosive as possible on these two lifts, but I did not in my past.

Though it has been proven many times, speed is a huge key in strength and ease of movement. At least, that's my belief. From now on, anytime I go in and lift, each rep will be as quick as I can make it.

What does MaB think?
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