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Originally Posted by sandraW View Post
How many times have you heard a girl say this? And most of the time it is not true at all. Like today on my fb page there was a pic posted of my friend who had gone to the beach last week with a group of her friends, who I know some of them. Well they were all in suits, and looked great and under the comments the one wrote I am so fat. And she was not, she looked great in her little bikini. I have been other places as well and heard people say this and it just gets me each time. I just want to scream at them you are not fat, if you think you are fat, what do you consider me? And just what do you think that you are doing to my self esteem when you are like a twig and I am really the fat one? Why do people even say this when they know that they are not the fat ones?
They say it because they like the attention it gets them and the vindication of being told "No, you're not!"...when somebody should really blow them out of the water and just say "Yep, you need to lose weight girl!" just to watch the astonishment cross their face as the blood drains to their feet
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