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Originally Posted by Caitlyn.Trout View Post
Bench went pretty well tonight, staying on track with the program. My bench is my weakest lift so I've really been sweating it lately trying to get it to go up up up lol . Its funny, usually your favorite lift is the one your best at, but I'm the opposite. I guess because it gives me a little more hype in that workout because I know I gotta get it moving soon. Anyway, here 'tis.

warm up
pull aparts - 100
band stretching

bench 120 8x3
2 board 120 5x5
close-grip 100 3x8


db rows - 3x15
db flies - 3x15
band push downs - 100 total

This morning I did 40 min of cardio plus some ab work also. Bench felt pretty good and strong so I'm hoping this continues.
Great work Caitlyn! Only reason it seems like your bench is your "weakest lift" is because your freakishly strong on the others . Strong stuff!
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