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Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great work Super Jim! Counting isn't one of your super powers, but that's ok ! Congrats on the PRs, and nice ride too!!!
Thanks jay!! I would rather have other super powers anyway!! I am already dying to go for a spin, but that is still 4 months away. It is never driven before the street cleaners have finished cleaning the roads in the Spring.

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Great session and a very good point about what to think when setting-up. Your conscious mind can hold one thought at a time. Make sure that is a good one. Before I approach a heavy set I get angry, psyched up but as I am under the bar, I am thinking about technical things. I am repeating cues in my head to make sure I execute properly. That way there is no room for "crap this is heavy"

Great work Jim.
That is some great insight Al. Thanks for that and I will for sure start employing that this morning for squats. I know what I'll do - get really mad a JB for making me squat 410 for reps!! That Bastard!! Grrrr

Originally Posted by Kuytrider View Post
Kicking ass and taking names in here!
Thanks Kuyt!! Indeed - I'm coming after all of you!! How dare you all inspire and make me lift heavy!!

Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
strong bench work Jim! Things are going to come together nicely. I think we need to keep hammering the 2/3boards after we do a few sets of doubles from the chest. Finish this thing up strong!

Also I didnt know you were a foxbody guy. I have always loved those cars. Best friend had a 93 lx 5.0 that was white, beautiful car.
Thanks JB!! Indeed, I think we are onto a great plan that will work for me on bench. I just didn't have a good groove on that 3 board first rep. Now that i have done it, I have confidence I can do it. Getting under these heavy weights is just what I needed.

Yep, I am a Foxbody guy. I grew up with them in my "formative" car years. My brother is a car nut/restorer/mechanic and also loves these cars. They were popular for a reason - bang for the buck - which also left many buyers with enough coin left for further custom upgrades.

I also had a chance to buy a mint 1984 20th anniversary convertible a few years back, but did not have the money nor a garage to put it. Besides, I was always hoping to get this one back. I also wouldn't mind one of those SVO's.

I also liked the 93's. Does he still own it? I didn't really like the 94's much as they were to round looking. I much prefer the boxier muscle look.
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