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I think I have figured out my issue. After I unrack weights like these, I am thinking too much about the weight, saying to myself, "Fuck, this is heavy!" I did this with squat awhile back as well. I gotta just unrack, get set, and shut up and lift. Just gotta train the old brain.

I also got a bit pissed after that last set. It was supposed to be 315. The guys all told me 315 was loaded, when in fact it converts out to 310. This may not seem like much to them, but it is to me. (Don't worry - I didn't show I was a tad cheesed) I simply have to make sure from now on that I convert JB's prescibed numbers before I leave, just in case we are using metric plates. It's my responsibility to make sure the correct weight is loaded. Today, I neglected to convert my #'s and relied on them. I'm not good at converting on the fly, and neither are they obviously. Conversely, the second last set was supposed to be 305 2 board, but it converted out to 310. I ended up doing the same weight for both my last 2 sets. This is how I noticed the error on the last set, thinking, hey, that is what wa sloaded last time.

To sum up, I did more than I thought on the second last set, and less than I thought on the last set.

At any rate, they are both PR's. Previously it was 305 X1, just last week. Now it's 310 X2.

The last set was sort of 3 reps. After I stuck just slightly above the board, I then lowered it, bounced off the board slightly, and then hit the rep. I then hit 2 more. The spotter said he never assisted at all, even when I missed. Wow. I can't believe I just did that!

Last, but not least, I took a vid of my 90 Mustang 7-Up Convertible. I am the original owner. However, I sold the car to my brother 19 years ago, in order to buy a house when Licia and I got married. I sold it to him with no conditions that he keep it pristine, but he did anyway. The car has never been driven in rain, snow, or even thru a puddle. The engine and undercarriage - you could eat off of them. The car is a 23 year old brand new car. It is 100% the way it rolled off of the dealer lot. Speaking of which, it wa slove at first sight to say the least. I was driving by the dealer that day in the Spring of 1990, and out of the corner of my eye saw the car, saying to myself "WTF is that?" Those colors were not available for Mustang that year. I know because I was an expert on these cars back then, being the Vice Prez of the Mustang Club. The car was "sold" per se, but to the manager's wife. I got a phone call the next day from them, advising me that the car was now for sale, as the managers wife did not like it. They offered it to me only, knowing that I would look after it. He saw the car the other day, after all these years, and aalmost shit his pants at how well it was looked after.

I was also to find out soon after buying it about the origin of these cars. Ford only built 150 of them for Canada. There is about 4000 built for the USA. The Canadian cars are different tho - namely mechanically. I also have all the documents to prove it. They were built for the 1990 NCAA Basket ball Tourney, to be given away by 7-Up/Pepsi Bottling Company. The deal fell thru at the last minute for some unknown reason, and Ford was left with them to sell off. They couldn't mention they were 7-Up Cars. They were also built right smack in the 25th Anniversary of the Mustang (1965 Stangs are the official first year of the Mustang)

My brother also has about $5000 worth of spare Ford genuine parts for this car. He had the smarts to raid the dealers before they became obsolete. He even has a complete exhaust system - any part that could potentially wear out he has. What a guy.

At any rate, the car is my first love and I will never part with it, no matter what happens to my eyes.

Bench Press
243 X2
265 X2
Add 2 Board
287 X2
310 X2 PR
Add 3 Board
310 X2, sorta 3 Reps LOL

This was not on the program - just did it cuz I felt like it.
95 X8
95 X8
95 X8
95 X8
95 X8

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Gym PR's:
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Total: 1315 Lbs
Age 50

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