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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Are we talking lifting here or something else?

Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
Well, now we have something to work with!!

This one, you, and only you, have direct control over...may take some effort, but it's worth the investment. However, some of the other stuff is more likely the culprit.

That's what she said.

Sleep is half the equation. We grow and get stronger during the rest cycle. The training is only the stimulus. Food, rest and stress are the main issues that dictate the response. If you have to, try melatonin or even diphenhydramine HCL (the sleep aid in Advil Pm, etc. that they sell without the pain killers). I get mine at Target. I'm not a chem supps guy but when I need to sleep, one of those does the trick. At your BW, try 2-3. Just a suggestion.

That sounds like the past...not the future.

Without extra BW and BF powerlifting is less safe. You're bigger due to genetics and, mostly, lifting. That's a choice and it's in-line with your goals. Own it.
You can always get teh sexxy abz later.

You may need to be clever or start small, but start right now making life about the things you enjoy. It's not irresponsible to have's critical. You're so young...plan a life that is fulfilling and fulfill it!

Sadly, it is true. My mom always says, "Money can't buy happiness, but neither does poverty." You need a balance. It takes time to get your financial feet under you squarely. Like all other choices in life, pursue what you want. Measure the risks and the reward and move wisely. If you're under your mom's roof, respect her wishes...that builds character (which I already know you have in spades) and it builds the motivation you'll need to take off on your own.

If you don't want to, that's fine. Just decide if you need to and decide based on facts and not feelings.

Look, no one here (especially me) will give you the best're a smart, thoughtful and hard-working guy. The best plans for you are already in your just have to dig them out and make some choices. You will empower yourself. You don't need anyone else to be successful....we all just need someone to kick us in the pants once in a while.

Remember, you have no enemies, only teachers!
Words can never fully describe my appreciation for the nonstop teaching and encouragement.

Leave the past behind us,your words reminded me of a song im gonna post below.

Get some sleep,have fun and keep my head on straight.

Thanks JD!

If violence doesnt solve your problems, youre not using enough of it
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