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Before the lengthy talky talky,an overview of what i did tonight.

Cleans did some at 155lbs since i repeatedly failed 185.Its a good fun movement,but i dont think its worth prioritizing.

Leg press,leg curls,dumbell and barbell overhead pressing.I wanna deadlift.

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
My opinion, so feel free to tell me to go jump in a lake . Seems that you ARE getting stronger, but you also seem to change your routine often. Also your focus says you want better numbers in the big three but your doing all kinds of different lifts. This is challenging your body, but I think it's wearing you thin . Your a strong guy with big goals, short and long term. I have no doubt you'll get everything figured out and you'll be smashing everything in sight very soon! Stay strong Ben, we're behind you!!!!
Beautiful words. I see what you mean,i need more focus on powerlifting,since that is my goal.I have switched programs a couple times recently,one i even sent to the big guy who probably shook his head when he saw it.

Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
Hunter's helping you out...

it's either "stick to the plan with minor tweaks" or, if you're bored/burnt out, "scrap it all and go for something new."

I think the positive is that you have clear goals, are willing to objectively assess your performance and then attack! Keep in mind, you've hit some really good strength markers at a young age. A lot of the progress you seek just comes with time and consistency.

Do you think the slow down is something outside the gym? You mention income. Stress can definitely steal some focus. How are the other variables? Food, sleep, conditioning and interests other than the gym?

When was the last time you took a week off? I'm realizing deloads and little breaks are critical to my continuing success. You probably know about accumulating fatigue and that a break is often needed for strength to show through.
First,thanks for the input.

Food is just all over the charts.Im getting calories no doubt,but most days less than 200 grams protein.I eat alot of nuts...

Sleep sucks,probably because my mind is going nonstop all the time.I saw a woman today,who happens to be a golddigger.Shes on her 3rd guy after dealing with me. Im on my feet a good bit,walk alot.Im still fat,see above.

Interests outside the gym,that is a good point.Stress has pushed alot of my old loves away.I really want to get back into cars.Im telling ya,i know nothing these days is secure but some steady income would sure help.Money can buy happiness to a degree.I want to get into one or two marketing companies some friends are doing,but my parents,mostly mother,is against anything outside of plain ol day in day out labor.Which i would be fine with if anyone would give me a chance.

I took a week off last october to go on vacation.I really hate doing that,because the gym is my stress relief.
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