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Cube Week 1 - Explosive Squats

Foam roll and band assisted stretching

Speed squats with cambered bar
Suit on straps down with belt and knee sleeves
Warmed up and then did:
150kgs for 8 sets of 3

Really worked hard on getting these to depth:

Then I put on full gear and did 1 set of 2 @ 80% which is 195kgs. Tightened straps felt great. Looking forward to taking some heavy weight soon.

All gear off except knee sleeves because I'm old

Deep squats with Olympic shoes
Should have been 5x5
First set was 130kgs x 5
Upper back was knackered and I was folding so dropped the weight and did:
110kgs for 4 sets of 5

Leg Press
Tried to do one legged reps but the sled sticks so did:
150kgs for 4 sets of 15

Kettlebell swings
12kgs x 15
16kgs for 2 sets of 15

Ab wheel from knees
BW for 3 sets of 10

Great session today. The raw work has me squatting more naturally in gear and I like it. Speed work was hard to get down to depth but worth the effort. I need to make sure I'm comfortable down there. The gym was empty so no footage of the heavier double as I used the only other person to spot and make sure I didn't fall over in my knee wraps. Depth was there or thereabouts but it was more about feeling out the gear. Tighter straps are giving a lot more support and I think I've put on some quad size because my legs are cut to shreds!

The volume after was humbling. The weights felt light but hard if that makes sense. Got through it all in around 90minutes which was good. Also learnt that the gym is definitely getting a new power rack custom made to Elite FTS style specs AND a Swiss bar. Excited. Will be back in on Monday for Deads. Between now and then I will be doing my best to try to recover. Right now I can barely walk without a limp. Am I a bodybuilder now???
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