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Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great work Marvin! Glad your back was cooperating and deads went good! Keep workin hard
Me too Jay, working through injuries sucks! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that!

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
Nice that the back seems to be ready for heavy deads again!! Twenty reppers are just sadistic Moe! I think I would rather endure the hip pain
Heavy deads are good deads. At the lighter weights, the 20 reppers are definitely better that the hip pain...ask me aging when the weights start to get up there.....I might be humming a different tune!

Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
And with all those 20 reppers being good cardio, I am sure you will soon beable to do 2 sets of 20 reppers

Nice triples and doubles on the pulls as well Sir!
WHAT???? CARDIO????? I might have to rethink my position on those......

Thanks Jim, feels good to do some heavy pulling.

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
See there you go! Talk about some good ole stress relief! Those deadlifts look great Marvin!! Is it FRIDAY yet??!!
Thanks IW, lately I've been needing the stress relief......fortunately I have found what works for me!

Originally Posted by leefarley View Post
nice deadlifts moe
Thanks Lee

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
That's the way you do it. Do what you can, when you can. Keep it rolling.
Consistency is the key...well, one of several keys on my key ring!

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
Freaky sweet
Thanks ED

Originally Posted by RobMoriRB View Post
Moe keep it up
Thanks Rob, if nothing else I am consistent!
Best Gym Lifts...Dosen't matter....they don't count!

Best Meet Lifts:
Squat = 330
Bench = 215
Dead = 375
Total = 904

The iron is there during my times of happiness, sadness and anger. The iron is there available through the 4 seasons and inclement weather. The iron is there to either comfort me or motivate me. The Iron manages to show me how strong I am or how humble I need to be. The iron does not yell, but it always demands respect. The iron is not a disciplinarian, but when disrespected, I feel it for a long time. The iron does not love or hate, but we definitely share a strong bond. And no matter how far I stay away or for how long, the iron is there, waiting to be lifted.
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