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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
Nice work on the pulls Brute! How about some high pulls or even some dead start zercher squats. (I assume you do not ahve a power rack right?)
Thanks Jim! No rack yet, waiting until i move (about 4 months from now) to get any more equipment. Zercher squats might be fun, could do those with the yoke.

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
Very nice locking out that last rep Brute!
Thanks KD! It's nice not having to be super quiet for a change

Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
Seems huge for not huge work. Strong sets Brute!
Thanks T-Bone! After maxing on Monday and doing that deadlift challenge, a normal day seems lack luster, but progress is progress!

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
Boss of deadlifts.
Thanks buddy!
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Looking good Brute. At this rate you'll be pulling 700 before you know it.
Thanks BtB! 700 is a dream, and one that I hope will happen by 2015.
Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Very very strong DLs ... You actually owns this exercise ...
Thanks Ravi! World records will fall. Maybe

Pretty good day in the gym. Moved up to a whole wheel per side, lost a ton of reps, but I'm repping 135 for OHP. That's got to count for something.

Clean, then OHP for reps
Bar x 4
95 x 5
115 x 3
135 x 7
135 x 5
135 x 4
135 x 4 - 18 total. meh. More next week!

BB Row
95 x 5
185 x 3
235 x 8
235 x 6
235 x 4 - gym was chaotic tonight and couldn't find any 2.5s, so a 10 pound jump. stay here next week

DB Bench
50 x 5
60 x 5
70 x 11
70 x 10
70 x 7
70 x 4 - lololololol wanted to get out so only rested about 15 seconds on the last set. i can tell!
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