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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Thanks fellas! Bench is always two steps forward, one step back it seems. The bench gods really make you work for it, the bastids!

CRUSHED another squat day! Not sure what's up, but I am so confident with squatting lately. That said, I almost killed myself today. That last set was about the hardest thing I've ever done with a barbell in my life.

JBPP week 7

warmups: leg and hip stuff, mobility and some height jumps (I can almost touch the ceiling, like 4-6 inches better than when I started)

3x 275, 295, 305
5x 325 (147.5 Kg)(+15 lb 5 rep PR!! Holy Cow!)

Narrow Squat:
2x 6x 205

Wide Squat:
2x 6x 185 (wides are much harder for me)

5x 325, OOF!:
5x 325 - YouTube
6x 205, if it ever stops processing:
6x 205 - YouTube
6x 185:
6x 185 - YouTube
Why lifting at home can be just as annoying as the gym!

Anyway, good stuff today. Obviously, if you check out my signature, I'd have to fall down dead not to set a huge PR at my next meet. I'm also feeling dead confident I'll be squatting 405 sometime late this summer. That's a huge goal for me. Gotta stay smart and focussed of course, but it's getting a lot closer lately!!
Great workout Mike! Your a PR machine lately, keep hammering them out!!!Congrats!!!
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