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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
Oh yes,for sure.Being outside is awesome!

I took a break to let off some stress and watch the packs,while the others hiked to the top.

I prefer "walking" than hiking,haha.

Come on down!

It was extremely fun when we set up camp,ate aound the fire, and slept under the stars.All cozy,in my extra tight sleeping bag.Rich Mtn in Ellijay Ga,there's no official trail that i know of,just a valley and a river to follow.

I hiked probably 3-4 miles total while my group went an extra mile to the top.

Yes,it really does when you have this much fat,plus 30-50lbs.I forgot to weigh my pack.I outweighed everyone else by 80-130lbs.

Hehehe.Its a different kind of soreness.Very good on the calves,mine are pumped!

Hit some PRs tonight! And took my dad to the gym,always taking guests on deadlift day.Hmm.

Tuesday Jan 22nd
Heavy Deads

Sumo 385 x1 (video)
Wanted 2 or 3,but its a 20lb PR!

365 x1 (video)
Previous PR match!

315 x4! (video)

Conventional 275 x4.Gassed.

Zercher Shrugs (Grizzly video)
135 x5
225 x10
135 x20
Felt these more in the core than traps.

Behind the neck pulldowns.Have to use wiiiide grip on these.
150 x10
125 x10
Burn those rear delts!

3 sets of hammer curls w/ 70lbs.Nighty night folks,i will make a point to pass by your logs and the rest of the forum tonight or tomorrow night.

Sumo 385 x1 - 20lb PR - YouTube

Sumo 365 x1 - YouTube

315 x4 - YouTube

This doeosn't like being imbedded zercher traps - YouTube

Extra stuff,fat man with gun.

Turkey Gun Setup - YouTube

Camera skills suck,i know.And,im not shooting truly fast.Search "speedpump" or watch a 3 gun competition.

My goals are not simply to track my progress with lifting and get feedback from those who take the time to offer it.It is to offer,through my log here on MAB ,Youtube and sometimes Facebook,entertainment and general musings on life from the viewpoint of a very young,very fat guy.But i make this promise,this place right here is where i share most of my feeling.You know how it goes,some things need to be left unsaid.Were not strangers here,i hope to travel and meet you all some day if you let me.

Just a quickie i asked a few of you already,it hasn't happened yet,but i prefer to keep alot of what i say and share on here off the Facebooks.Especially my views on guns,and my Youtubes.Certain people know what they need to know,other things i like to keep contained.
Great workout Ben! Congrats on the PRs! Keep smashin everything
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