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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Yep, back at it today, Ravi. Thanks!

Cheers fellas! I'm pretty sure I set some PRs at the meet. If I go in healthy, I don't see how I couldn't.

Put your meet in your log Imp. If it's not a horrendous drive, I could maybe come out and help you out.

Good day today! Felt great, bench form is coming along. Went for a PR that I shouldn't have gone for and just barely missed, but I'm not worried. It was just a bad rep right at the end when I was tiring.

JB Power Plan week 7

usual shoulder and arm stuff, 3x 12x 140 Lat Pulldowns, wood bar, etc.

3x 225, 240,
added belt and wrist wraps
3x 255 (missed fourth rep, was only supposed to do 3 reps, tried for fourth on whim at last minute. Not smart. Live and learn)
added 2 board
1x 255, 285, 295 (Maybe could've done more, but was tired from that missed rep and safeties weren't set quite right, so if I missed, it could have been trouble. So didn't push it)

Tricep pushdown:
4x 8x 150
ss w/ 3x 10x 33 Hammers

Stretching and some mobility stuff and that's it.

3x 255:
3x 255 - YouTube
1x 285:
1x 285 2 brd - YouTube
1x 295:
1x 295 2 brd - YouTube

I'd have gone for 305+ on the 2 brd if I'd taken some time to set the safeties exactly right. I'll play around with that on bench aux day so I can mark it for next time I go with any boards.

Anyway, there you go. Rolling along.
Great workout Mike! Strong stuff today!!
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