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Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
Right on. I'm just looking to you guys for a sense of how that PR interval changes after "weekly." Not that I'm chasing PRs only, but I want to plan in advance and set my expectations realistically. Do you remember when your beginner progress stopped and you had to get creative? What did it look like?
I gave a very vague answer on purpose, it varies so much. I stalled at a 200lbs Bench for 3 years for example, but my deadlift rose to 450lbs relatively quickly. You'll know when you've stalled because well, you've stalled!

The first and most simple change I made was to take a light week every 3rd week. So in effect I went from 1 week cycles to 3 week cycles.

Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
I know what you mean by the awareness that comes with experience...I have that, but not in a PL context....more in the natty BB and GPP arenas. That's why I'm here. Guess more experience will help!
Not so much awareness or experience, no. I'm sure you're perfectly aware and have the experience.

I mean that no matter how experienced you are, and this is probably true moreso at the later stages of your training career, these minor changes in form can potentially yield massive results. Konstantinov for example was already an accomplished 700+ Deadlifter before he tried to roundback his lifts, that one change propelled him from 'good' to 'legendary'. That's the type of thing I'm talking about. It's not awareness or experience, it's the willingness to learn and refine what you already have. Everyone who's posted in this thread has had results which set them apart from the average Joe, so the basics are obviously down pat. But what takes you to the next level are more than likely minor tweaks and not major overhauls.

I have given you powerlifting examples because that is my background but this applies to all areas, to bodybuilding as well.

You should never be unwilling to learn. When you do, you'll stall. I hope you get the point I'm trying to make.

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