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Originally Posted by kennknee View Post
Hi, my name is Kenny. I'm a 34 y.o. male from St. Louis, MO.

All my life I had been a runner, and it was taking me nowhere. I was getting larger and less "fit" year by year. For my New Year's resolution in 2010, I wanted to lose about 15 pounds and keep it off. Sounded simple enough. I joined a gym like any newbie, and lost the weight, but in the process became a complete gym rat. I have spent the last couple years educating myself daily to everything from training styles, form, function, nutrition, eating protocols, and supplements.

My friends call me Mr.360 because I am more of an all around athlete. In addition to my 4or 5 day split in the weight room, I play competitive volleyball up to 3 times per week. I also play tennis, softball, road races, and adventure/obstacle/mud races.

My current workout program is a modified Wendler's 5/3/1 doing the bodybuilding accessory lifts, and I am currently keep a sponsored supp and workout log on forums, but would also like to do that here. I love the exchange of ideas, training styles, and nutrition. This seems like the perfect community to do that.
Originally Posted by skids View Post
Gidday there, My real name is Nathan and I live in Invercargill, New Zealand. The name Skids comes from my other hobby which is Motor Cycle Racing not from the affects of me taking to many supplements. "I thought I should clear that up". I am 32 years old and I have a Olympic Weightlifting back round which I had some success here in NZ, These days I'm into Power Building and Kettlebells. I hoping the size and strength that I develop from the power building will carry over to my kettlebells. I want to try to get in to the beast club, Ive been working on the kettlebells for the last couple of years now, only started on the Power Building 2 or 3 months ago. I have a lot of burning questions mainly with the power building workouts and diet. I built myself a big power cage and a thick bar, then I got some plates and a Olympic bar and filled my garage . Now the cars live on the street. The problem I have is the more I read on the subject of big boy workouts the more confused I get. I'm really hoping someone can send me in the rite direction. Cheers All, Nath. Oh yeah I have 2 boys ( Twins ) They are still babies, Eat and sleep all the time, bit like me.
Originally Posted by Cutty View Post
Hi, I am 26 years old and have been training a little over two years. I haven't been active on any forums for weight training but a little buddy told me to join so here I am. I love everything training and love to learn new things.

I started training because I was 370lbs and couldn't tie my own shoes. I got down to 255 and after some depression, burning out and learning more I am 294 and on the right track now.

I look forward to meeting everyone!
Welcome all ... please start your respective logs to keep track of your workings ... best luck to all of you for your gals ...
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