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I've been sitting back, lurking in this thread and enjoying it. It is common place for t-nation to spout some pretty ridiculous bullshit. You guys pretty much covered that aspect well in this thread.
Having said this, I couldn't help but think, everywhere on the internet can contain bullshit. It's up to the person reading it to engage the brain and filter through what should be used and what is garbage. You really can't take any info from anywhere at face value without running it through the filter. And T-nation is no different.
Yeah, clearly they have there fair share of BS marketing hype at even bigger bs training claims, but they also have guys like Jim Wendler. Wendler is a great resource and a straight shooter. You can count on him to keep the BS to the minimum and share useful and factual information.

And then I saw this:

Jim Wendler from
I've always been a little skeptical of supplements. However, I can honestly say that Biotest and its CEO Tim Patterson have never asked me to endorse or talk about any product that I didn't believe in.

This is one of the reasons why I'm impressed with Biotest and Tim Patterson: they simply ask me to provide them with good quality (I hope they're quality) training articles. That's it. You may not believe this but I'm okay with it, as I know I'm telling the truth.

Because of my association with Biotest I can try any supplement I want, so recently I decided to try a few. The following supplements are great: ZMA®, Z-12™, Brain Candy™, Power Drive®, and Flameout™.

But without a doubt, the best supplement I have ever taken is Mag-10®. No question.

I've played around with Mag-10® using the following protocols:

2-4 servings before training, 2-4 servings after training
4 servings during the day (along with some small meals), train, then eat 2 huge dinners
2 servings, 30 minutes before any meal (usually 4 meals/day)
In my experience, the one that seemed to work the best is the first. I'm someone who hates to eat food and has zero appetite, which could be why Mag-10® works so well for me
I generally try to eat 4 meals/day, each consisting of some kind of protein (usually eggs, steak, or dark chicken), some kind of vegetable, and some kind of carbohydrate.

The Mag-10® prior and post training pretty much allows me to eat however I want, and as little (or as much) as I want. My workout recovery is much better, I can train at a higher level longer, I'm leaner, and most important, I don't feel the protein-shake bloat all day. Mag-10® also tastes great, is easy to prepare, and doesn't take 30 minutes to drink.

Is Mag-10® expensive? Yes. Does it work? Yes. Is Mag-10® worth the money? Honestly yes, which is why I now purchase it just like everyone else.

I'm not afraid to divulge this – hopefully Tim doesn't mind – but because my arrangement recently changed with Biotest, I now pay for supplements out of my own pocket. And I will be re-upping my Mag-10® supply this week.

Biotest continues to show support of my work and my writings and I feel it only necessary to give credit where it's due. This shit works
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