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Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Good plan Josh! Heal up quick bud!
Thanks Man. It's already feeling better.
Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
I hope you will be able to some decent back work, which will help your deadlift in the long run anyway. Cheers to Steve for once again stepping up to the plate. I most certainly here you on the lower back issues tho.

Thanks for the kind words as well. I always feel blessed that I have the Crew and all you guys, otherwise the health issues might have won the battle.

To be 100% honest, the lifting isn't "helping" my eyes. It is causing a bit of damage - collateral damage might be a good word. It's not making the Birdshot worse per se, but it might be preventing my eyes from repairing damage. With that said, the eyes usually do not do a good job at repairing anyway, whether or not I lifted. The surgeons, for this reason, have not told me to stop lifting. They do know exactly what I do tho. I am also hoping the sports medicine specialist will have a workaround for the lower back arthritis. I'll find out in April.

At least I will still be able to lift without functional vision. Hopefully it won't happen until I am a really old fossil, but it could happen anytime. As far as my Mustang is concerned, there is no shortage of volunteers to drive it while I ride in the passenger seat.
Overcome my friend, overcome. If you can work through that, I can work through a sinus infection. I wish you all the best and prey that your health never keep you from the iron.
Originally Posted by RobMoriRB View Post
hope your back isn't to serious keep us posted
Thanks Rob. I think some time away from the deadlift will serve me well.
Originally Posted by fenrisulfr View Post
Pm me if you need any input on what worked for me. Remember your form has to be dead on perfect when you do involve lower back. Good luck.
I may do that. I am formulating a plan on how to move forward. I have some ideas. Thanks.
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