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Let me tell you this: if you do not master the art of the perfect curl, do not grasp how to get into that activated state and don't know how to autoregulate, then your new workout will simply be just another internet program... no better or worse than the tens of thousand already available, and that would truly sadden me.

Let's start with the PERFECT curl. The perfect curl is a set in itself, an athletic event. Every single curl should be performed so that you juice everything you can get growth-wise out of it, regardless of the actual weight you are lifting.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know how stupid it sounds... we all know how to do that, right? We all control, but don't go slow on purpose on the eccentric and try to be explosive on the concentric, right? Let me tell you this, most of you who think that they are doing it, aren't.

It took all of 4 days to really get, and were able to perform consistently perfect curls. And once they got it, despite doing minimal actual training they all felt super sore but motivated to train.

It honestly shocked me how far away most guys were from that perfect curl, despite thinking themselves that they were doing it. And I consider these guys advanced and very knowledgeable about training. So I can only imagine how the average gym rat is!

And the thing is that it all starts with that perfect curl. If you can't do perfect curls every single time, then your new workout will not work like it should. If you can't do those perfect curls, there is no logic in you using advanced methods.

The KEY to producing growth, to getting that perfect curl, is finding a way to maximize the amount of force produced at the turnaround point (when you switch from the eccentric to the concentric). The FIRST 4 inches in the range of motion are totally the key! The turnaround should not only be rapid, it must be snappy. The faster and more powerful the turnaround is, the more force the muscle will produce and the more muscle damage you will inflict.

A lot of people 'get' the need to try to accelerate during that concentric phase. But most of them are still slow at that turnaround point. The gradually build up speed during the whole curl, good, but not perfect if you are not able to produce optimal force in the stretch position.

Every single method we have is based on putting a maximum stress on the muscle in that stretch position. Our regular curls are all bout that powerful turnaround... if you don't get it, you will not benefit from any of the things we are doing.

Twitch curls are actually a learning tool: they are used to work on that snappy turnaround skill. We just happen to found out that they were also very good at activating the nervous system.

curls from a deadstart and blast isos put a lot of stress on the stretch position for another reason: they take out the reflex action out of the stretch position, so the muscles themselves have to contract extra hard to produce the necessary force to lift the weight. The blast isos also have the advantage of putting you in that aggressive/attacking mode which favors that explosive curl.

Even the way I NOW recommend doing negatives/eccentric training is based on putting stress on that stretch position (more on that one in the future).

Master the perfect curl... learn to be a 'turnaround genius' and you will be able to stimulate growth with every single curletition, not only that last grueling curl of a set. If you don't learn that perfect curl... than none of what we will put on the net during this project will wok any better than the average program.

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