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Originally Posted by JTurner View Post
Nice sessions. I'm a fan of pause squats, help staying tight and teaches you to grind through that rough patch.

Nice volume on the pulls and fingers crossed with the home gym.
Yeah , I liked the paused squats , think I might keep them in on a Wednesday for the next while.

Originally Posted by JordanK91 View Post
Good work Al
Getting there , hopefully

Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
What's the deal with gyms these days? Brute had an issue where management did not want him to deadlift due to the noise. At any rate, I hope you can sort it out Alan. When I built the JimGym, the monthly payments were less than my old gym membership, so in asense it paid for itself after 4 years. It's also funny how the Crew gym has better equipemnt than a commercial gym and it costs way less. It's used by sports teams, personal trainers, and the Crew. There is not even a sign outside the warehouse it is located in. Maybe you can find somethiong similar in your area.

Nice looking session there as well!
Thanks Jim , yeah its all about the noise….apparently , its off putting for other members…

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Play the..."it will save us money long term" card
Nice angle!

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Strong session Alan ... Very very strong numbers ... keep pushing your limits brother ...
Hopefully Boss agrees to you ... These commercial gyms sucks ... I got thrown out from my last gym for reason that Me and my partner lift too much wts. and others get intimated by that WTF ... I do hope that this get sorted out sooner ...
Roger that Ravi …. Nice reason to be removed from a gym….

Apologies , you are too strong , please move along to the next gym

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Sucks about the gym. Nice lifting though.
Starting to get some presentable numbers under my belt…

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Nice work, Alan! Pause squats are the shizzle as Hazzard would say.

Yeah, play the save money in the long run card for sure. But, it's a longer run than you think! In my experience, it was cheaper than a year's membership to set up originally, but I keep buying more stuff every time I get an itch and see a deal! HaHa!
Would love a home set up , but space is a problem for me at the moment

Originally Posted by Kuytrider View Post
Well that's a bit crap to hear Alan, stupid gym. Let me guess, too much noise from deadlifts? It's time to show her who's boss mate and get in that home gym

My local gym costs me a bundle but it's worth it since no one every gets cautioned for noise. There is one dude that deadlifts fairly heavy (almost 400 for reps) but he drops the bar between every rep. It makes a crazy amount of noise but he has never been spoken to about it and probably never will. There are guys who let out huge screams and grunts during sessions but no one ever complains which is great.

If/when I move back to Ireland in a proper home, I'll definitely be getting in a home gym and the missus already knows
That place sounds like my kinda gym P ,
Good to see you back here too !

Missed gym on Friday ,
It happens , back to regular scheduled viewing today
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