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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
Back to outside work out. It was not to cold but cool. 59 or so.

I think I need to warm up before lifting. , I always seem stronger If I warm up good.

Pull ups neutral grip shoulder width apart
10,8,5,5,5. 60 seconds rest

Barbell row
145x10x5 no speed work, slow reps to feel the muscle and 60 seconds rest made these a biotch

Bowflex row 200x10. Did not like the feel or range of motion so lowered weight
100x15,15,15. Good squeeze on every rep with a pause

Curls on bowflex
Old 50 lb rod on each side x 15,15,15,15

These were done facing away and leanded forward with arms back behind my body curling.
Good Rom on these and nice squeeze at top.
I like the curls on the bowflex because they don't over strain my arm. Nice pump and decent overall workout .
7/10 for effort but not great.
Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
Shoulder work

Did 35 lb db's Arnold's 10x10 with 45 seconds rest first 5 sets and then 60 seconds the rest.
Bent over rev flys*
35's x 15,15,12 with 30 sec rest.

Barbell shrug 145x15x5 sets 30 seconds rest and then a 1 min static hold with 145.
Killer session, total time 35 minutes. Crazy pump
Great workouts Chad! Lookin big bud, keep it up! Moar STEAKS and BACON, don't forget the BACON!!!
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