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JB did manage to send me a PM last night and advised me to ramp up to a triple 10 lbs heavier than last time, which would make it 400. I kinda had my mind set on deads, so I decided I would start week 8 of the program next Saturday.

I thought being fresh off a good deload that I would be very strong on deads, but that didn't happen. My lower back felt good and I was well rested. The 405 felt heavy-ish and then I missed 455. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed and a bit confused as to why. I couldn't generate the power to rip it off the floor fast enough. The guys asked me how long it's been since I deadlifted off the floor and I said about 5 or 6 weeks. They said this was likely the cause - just being a bit rusty and not in the groove. Perhaps I should be pulling off the floor more often JB?

Hmmm - maybe I need a 2 week deload haha.

I simply refuse to leave any session unsatisfied, so I wanted to try 455 again and got it. Epic grinder tho. I then decided to do some Sumo's. The 405 Sumo was also a grinder but I never gave up on it and pulled it out. The voice you hear in the background is Brian, encouraging me all the way. I just love him for what he does for me. On the squats, you can see him again at the end walking across the vid. I did another set after that, on which he spotted me. After-wards, he told me it was absolutely great form. Brian simply knows how to get the best out of me.

Another thing he has noticed is how my form almost always improves the heavier the lift or on my last sets, as opposed to going downhill as resistance increases, like in the pre-crew days. I have to give so much credit to him and the rest of the crew for turning me into a form freak. Before a heavy lift, I know I have to get my form on or the bar ain't moving very far.

Once again, a session that could have left a bitter taste in my mouth turns out to be a session I will never forget.

Conventional Deadlifts
135 X3
225 X2
315 X1
365 X1
405 X1
455 X0 Damn
455 X1

Sumo Deadlifts
225 X1
275 X1
315 X1
365 X1
405 X1 Vid

Had to do some squats because going more than a week without sqautting is blasphemy of the Church of Squatterville.
165 X5
232 X5
276 X5
276 X5
276 X5
276 X5 Vid
276 X5

Weigh In: 232 lbs. Down 3 lbs. Mostly water I am sure as I have been peeing alot.

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Meet PR's: (May 2014) Raw Natural
Squat 475 lbs
Bench: 286 lbs
Deadlift: 501 lbs
Total: 1262 lbs
Age: 50

Gym PR's:
Squat: 495 lbs
Bench: 300 lbs
Deadlift: 520 lbs/500X5
Total: 1315 Lbs
Age 50

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