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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
First off, I just want to thank you guys for always taking the time to leave comments in my log. It really means a lot.

285x5 (Goalx5)

Incline Barbell Bench

Kroc Rows (using versa grips this cycle)
40x10,60x10, 90x19

BB curls
SS with
tricep bar overhead extension

Overall Workout Grade:B+

The last couple days I've been a bit under the weather. I woke up last night with a sinus infection and a general achey feeling. Took advil all day to help with the symptoms. Anyway, went into this workout feeling like shit.
After the first couple sets on bench I felt real shakey and weak. I almost called it but I just pushed through.
I'm glad I did, it turned into a pretty good session.
Hit my bench goal, despite my issues. The last rep was a slow mo grinder. Had I had more sense I probably would have got nervous.
Decided to use my new versa grips on my rows this cycle, as opposed to no grip assistance at all. Also, after watching a bearded beast video on rows, put an emphasis on power. This started on my 2 warm up sets. Where I would normally do them slow and controlled, I focused on explosiveness and power. This helped prime me for the working set. I was pleased with the result. I think I had more in the tank, but I had broke last weeks record by 5 reps and didn't feel the need to push it.
Great workout Josh! Tough mofo liftin sick! Way to get it done no matter what! Couldn't agree more about explosiveness on lifts! Has changed my workouts and strength a lot! Hope you feel better soon, keep workin hard big man!!!
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