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Awesome stuff gents.

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
You want to focus on stretches where you're not loading the calf muscles with work. So the common stairway stretch is something to avoid, because your calf has to do an isometric contraction just to be in the correct position. Remember you'll only actually stretch the muscles after the initial resistance has worn off.

So avoid this type of thing:

This is the type of thing you should consider doing, but stick a block under the balls of your feet to raise your toes slightly. That helps a lot.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I like that heel stretch too. Also one where you stand exactly the same except instead of the back leg being stright, you bend it sort sitting down on it to drive it towards the floor while keeping the heel flat on the floor. One stretches more top of calf, the other more bottom of calf.

Diesel Crew has a video on ankle flexibility too. One thing they highlighted was a barbell stretch which I liked.

Basically, deadlift a lightish barbell to your knees (I used 135), then squat down on flat feet, shoulder width and toes turned out like a normal squat, but the bar now sits now your knees at the bottom of your quads. Then just sit there letting the weight hold you in the stretch position. It will hurt a little at first like any stretch, but gradually go away. When it's gone, your ankles are no longer the problem as they have reached the range of motion you need.

I'v done it and I think it works, my bad ankle is a bit more flexible.

Of course you have to be able to get into squat position first, so for you Elite, you might want to do this with your wider stance at first then gradually move your feet in over time.

That said, I think if you simply follow Fazc's suggestions to squat in a bigger heel (I use Olympic heels that are damn near .5 inch in the heel, and remember work boots also raise the toe, so you need a difference of toe and heel of at least 3/8" to 1/2"), and also force your knees a lot wider (aligned with toes pointing out too) so you can squat your body down in between them, you might find your ankles are more flexible than you think.

Frankly, looking at your body position squatting with your heels up, it looks damn good. I'd say you get this issue straightened out, you're going to hit some big ass squats pretty soon after.

My .02
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