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Default Gilmer meet write up by Mr.SB

Gilmer Meet

First, I want to thank God for the strength and opportunity, my wife Rubi, my club, D-force Labs, Team Supremacy, BMF Sports, and a HUGE THANKS TO MUSCLE AND BRAWN!!!

We left Friday evening to make the 4hour drive to Gilmer, which is outside of Longview. Mentally, I was ready for the meet, all my training was for this moment. We talked of going after the state record and breaking it again. My big brother was supposed to tag along to compete in the Masters Unequipped Bench division, but was unable to due to last minute work scheduling. Early weigh in was at 7pm that evening we timed it just right, as we pulled up about 7:30.
My training partner weighed in at 266, for the Unequipped Masters and I weighed in at a lingering 259…not what I was expecting but still satisfied nonetheless. It’s amazing how much you actually lose over the course of a week of deload and clean eating! For me a drop in weight usually means fluctuate in strength, so I adjusted my opener squat to 418 down from 450. After we met with Rich Peters and some of his family we scooted off to Five Guys Burger where I indulged in complete tom-foolery. We booked into the hotel and I wondered off to raid the local Wal-Mart for some snacks. After my random sugar high from the consumption of copious amounts of Dots candy I finally passed out. Only to be woke up from the text of my big brother telling me to go kill it!

Breakfast at 7:00am, dressed and checked out to be on the road for 8:30am. We arrived at the gym at 9:15 to warm up and listen to rules as this happen the Strict Curl division starts and so does the warm up for squats. One flight of squats so this is going to go pretty fast. I warm up and everything is fine, I do a light wrap. My name is called and I go out and nail 418 with very little effort. This is where things get hairy, I give my next attempt at 424, nothing heavy and get red lighted for depth. Nothing major, I’ll just go out and do this again. So this time I’m up a little higher on the flight not enough time to catch my thoughts. Oh well, let’s go for it. I unrack it and drop DEEP, but as I’m coming up the bar starts to slide backwards and I lose it. RED LIGHT!!! I MISSED BOTH ATTEMPTS and at this point I’m visibly frustrated because this isn’t how I planned on it.

Although I wasn’t planning on squatting a grand, I did want to get a 1400-1450 total. I stepped outside to call my wife, after explaining what happened she said to “pull it together, this isn’t anything new…just out there and kill it!” I’m refocused now because it’s bench time. My partner is doing push/pull so we warmed up together with some 198s that were awesome guys and pretty strong! The announcer calls Mike’s name and he goes out and smokes his opener. You can see the fire starting to blaze in his eyes. He looks at me and says, “This is what you came for, make it happen!!!” The announcer calls my name and I open at 352, SMOKE SHOW!!! Oh yes the fire is blazing now!!!! Back to back we smoked all our attempts, 363, and finally 391 with room to spare.

Deadlifts…this is where it really counts…either you got it or you don’t. I open at 500, go out and l yank it off the floor with ease. 3 whites here, then 551, 3 more whites and Rich say go for it 600 and I’ll video it. This is where everything slowed down, all I can see is the bar and nothing else. The rage is growing inside and I hear my name…I chalk up, step up, and focus…reach down and grab the bar. BOOOOM!!! The bar accelerates and I keep pulling! The judge says down and I look back…3…white…LIGHTS!!! Crowd roars…or atleast that what happened in my head…lol

In the end my efforts were good enough for first place in my division and 1411 total @ 259 RAW now the road to Nationals begins…
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