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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I've interviewed and personally spoken to hundreds of pros. Never met a weak one yet.

I think the entire discussion of getting size without strength is a mute point. Many bodybuilders say they don't train for size, but then we hit the gym and they are just as strong as I am.

You can get ripped and have the appearance of size without much strength, and that is the way natural bodybuilding is moving, but that's not size.

Getting ripped with no muscle size isn't muscle building, it's food deprivation and not a sustainable lifestyle.
Originally Posted by LtL View Post
The longer I lift, the more I want both. Strength has to come first though unless you go down the assisted route. There are plenty of lifters at my gym who are sticking, lifting pathetic weights and getting bigger. Guess what happens when they come off though... Even the best assisted bodybuilders the good ones value being strong. Example:

Big Bad Baz Barraclough Benching 240kg for 2 Reps Completel - YouTube
I am not making myself clear. Totally agree with both of you. I have done considerable bodybuilding training (Dante Trudel and John Meadows trained me) and I know some bodybuilders are strong as hell. Thats not my argument. There is a school of thought that says weight does not matter. If you dont believe me google GH-15 or research what the naysayers say about DC training. For arguments sake, lets say there right. My question was why would someone who was interested in getting huge go that route, if they could be strong as well. I say again, I am not debating wether bodybuilders are strong or if you need to use progressive resistance.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I'll take a stab at this and say that when i first started lifting, I had NO intention of ever lifting heavy. I saw guys doing 400 lb squats and thought they were insane. Like jumping out of an airplane for the hell of it crazy. Why take a risk with a barbell in gym? Who cares about that?

I still was lifting to get the big guns and bulging muscles, mind you. I figured stay safe, take your time and look like a beast without any of the injuries.

I have since changed my mind on how much risk I am willing to take, but I do understand the fear of regularly jacking big weigghts. I still fear it. But, I like the feeling after succeeeding even more!

My guess is some guys haven't made that leap, or maybe just don't want to.

My .02
Thats a great point.
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