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HaHa! At a meet? How'd it go? Good I'm guessing or you wouldn't be talking about him. I'll check out his video later tonite. I'm realizing when I got my new lower bench I never really played with my feet placement. LOL, when I had a bench too high, I had no choice but to have better feet placement. My feet barely touched the floor at all!

Anyway, very pleased about squats today!! Hit a big set and feel really confident with them right now.

JBPP week 6

warmups: banded hip and leg stuff, active stretching, glute activation, squat sits, banded GMs

4x 275, 300, 305 (PR)
5x 310 (BooYEAH!!, PR obviously) That's 141Kg for you in the rest of the world!

3x 8x 155 (Maybe should have done a little more weight, but didn't want to stress my low back which is still a bit wonky)

Banded Abs: 3x 15

Back yoga and leg stretches and that's that.

4x 300, different view, wanted to see hands and upper back:
4x 305:
5x 310, Not gonna lie, last rep almost killed me. Was worried I wouldn't be able to rack it! :
8x 155 GM:

Not really sure why I did that extra rep as I was struggling al the way through, but I just said eff it and did it. Man, I was jacked up afterward! O f course, I wouldn't be if I'd have missed it, so there you go. Not going to take that chance unless I'm pretty sure I'm dialed in and going to get it.

Good stuff today! Some videos to fix my bench and a rockin' squat session. Man, if I ever figure out how to deadlift, look out!!

Day off tomorrow, just rolling pinning the quads and some back yoga and stretching. Bench Aux Friday and Rack Pulls Saturday.

Thanks for all the support fellas!!
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