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Default First workout entry!! 2-24-2010.

Trained with the 'Doc (DocColossus) today... kept him in check!

Today's workout:

Alternating Dumbbell Curls 10lbx15,15,15
Hanging Dumbbell Curls 5lbx15,15,15.
Bicep Curl Machine 20lbx15,15,15,15

Nose Breakers Bar*x15,15,15
*EZ Bar weighs 15 3/4lb.
V-Bar Pressdowns 20lbx15,15,15.
Rev. Uni-Lateral Pressdowns 5lbx15,15,12.

Cable Crunches 30lbx15 32.5x15,15,15.
Machine Crunches 50x20, 55x20,20.

Great workout today, Doc and I did it to it (as he would say), felt good, can't wait for tomorrow (legs woo hoo)...

Anyways that's the first entry, glad to meet everyone, feedback and advice is welcomed! Thanks!

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