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Default 1/16/13 Dog House Training

Yesterday I took a dose of Juggernaut to start the day. Nothing to note, other than I seemed a bit more focused. I didn't even notice the Beta Alanine tingle.

Today was a little different. Noticed teh tingle quickly. After my quick session, i noticed my chest was flushed, much like it gets when I have nutmeg (mild allergy). Nothing to fear. Was very focused and moved quickly. Shortened day, still I finished session in about 40 minutes. Moved fast, kept rests short. had good focus and strength. No ill stomach or bowel effects.

The 10 x 3 Experiment


Rack Deadlifts
5 x 3 x 275

Behind the Neck Press
10 x 3 x 125

Floor Press
4 x 6 x 115

Tricep bar Curls
3 x 10 x 50 Plate Weight Only

Today was short but effective. Busy day, busy week. Rests were kept short, long enough to log and throw the duck for the dog. Usually 30 seconds or less.

Rack Deads - Went in thinking I would do 10 x 3 at 80% of my 1 RM. Probably could have done so, but I am still dealing with DOMs from Monday in my back so I didn't push it this week.

BHNP - 80% of 1RM is tougher than it looks. Good shoulder work.

Floor Presses - Not a 10 x 3 because I did Bench that style on Monday and will again on Friday. Next week I will flip flop and do BHNP on Monday and Friday with Bench on Wednesday. Trying to keep shoulders from acting up.

Tricep Bar Curls - The neutral grip is wrist friendly so I went with it. I will add weight as this was a lot lighter than I last remember. Does that mean I am getting stronger? hmmm.

Here is the basic protocol I am working right now:
10 x 3 on my big compounds. As I stated above, I will be doing Bench and BHNP in flip flop style each week. So every 14 days both will be hit with a 10 x 3 at least 3 times. I will squat on Monday and Friday and do these as 10 x 3. The 10 x 3 will start between 70 & 80 % of 1 RM with weight being added next session if all ten sets are hit cleanly.

Accessory work will be done in either 4 x 6 at 60 - 70% or, for the smaller muscles like biceps, triceps and calves, 10 - 20 reps.

Rest and reps will be done quickly but clean.

That is it, easy peasy. Let's see what happens.
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