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I'm quitting next week!
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Thanks Fazc and Paradox!
Well the program I decided to use a week ago is....Periodized CAT Deadlift Routine. I'm using the same for squats. It starts out at 60ish % of 1RM and 15 weeks later a new PR. This is how it's laid out
Weeks 1, 2- 15 sets x 1
Weeks 3, 4- 12 sets x 1
Weeks 5, 6, 7- 8 sets x 1
Week 8- 6 sets x 1
Week 9- 5 sets x 1
Week 10- 4 sets x 1
Weeks 11, 12- 3 sets x 1
Week 13- 2 sets x 1
Weeks 14, 15- 1 set x 1 sets x 1

Think this will work well for me, and my head. I'll keep doing conventional pulls also on that day or on another day, but at a lighter weight I can hold decent form.
My Deadlift day is usually my main dead work, which in this case is now sumo deads. Then power shrugs, and either SLDL or conventional deads.
Think this is a good plan going forward, but open for any input.
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