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I wrote this review not to long ago...

Anderson Powerlifting Official Online Store | Powerlifting Gear | Authorized Titan Support Dealer

Anderson Powerlifting's Lever Powerlifting Belt 10mm
4 inch Width
Suede Inside and Outside
Heavy Duty


Measurement to Center----- Hole Minimum Hole---- Size Maximum Hole Size
Small 30 in / 76 cm----- 25 in / 63 cm------ 35 in / 89 cm
Medium 34 in / 86 cm----- 29 in / 73 cm----- 39 in / 99 cm
Large 38 in / 96 cm---- 33 in / 83 cm ----43 in / 109 cm
XL 42 in / 106 cm -----37 in / 93 cm----- 47 in / 119 cm
2XL 46 in / 116 cm---- 41 in / 103 cm----- 51 in / 129cm


The Anderson Powerlifting Belt is a great Belt for the Money. I spent weeks looking for a decent 4in, 10mm Lever Belt. I was afraid of getting a cheaper belt, but I just didn't have the cash for a $100+ belt right now. I searched every site I could find who had a belt like this. Even overseas. It seems many Companies sell the same Belt with only some minor differences and Branding. I don't know this for a Fact, but I saw many belts online. That I couldn't tell the defference from one to the other. So I looked around and found a Site that had good pictures of the product, Good Feedback and priced better then most.
Anderson Powerlifting is who I went with.


Has you can see the Belt is made very nice. From it's heavy duty Chrome Lever to the soft Suede outer cover. What I liked about the belt. No Logo's on the outside. Just a nice Black suede. Most others. MF, Toro and others all had some sort of branding. Which wasn't a deal breaker. Just nice IMO.

Now for support. The belt worked like it should. No complaints here. It was easy to set up. Just takes a minute to adjust the lever with a flat head screw driver. You remove to screws to adjust it. Once it's adjusted. Getting the belt off and on is a breeze. I have had this belt for over a month now and it still looks new and I see no reason way I'll need another belt for years to come. I was also afraid of having a painful break in period. NOPE.. not at all. The first time wasn't uncomfortable at all. No Digging in, No Piniching etc....This Belt seemed broke in already. I've been using a old belt that was at least 1/2 the thickness. Which was at least 7-8yrs old and worn by many guys at the gym. It's a 4in double-prong belt and I know it's broke in well. It's uncomfortable compaired to the new Anderson belt.

Now my Rating... I hate to give a perfect 10, but I'm going to have to. I can't find one single issue with the belt yet. If anyting changes I will update this review and adjust the rating if need be.

10 out of 10

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