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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Coming off of a deload week, ready to start a new cycle. I was going to talk about my deload week. I was also going to put up pictures of a trip we took to the coast and tell you guys about it. And talk about some stuff that's going on, like buying a house, crap like that. But I simply don't have the time my friends, so I'll jump right in.

165x2 (Goalx5) Fail!


Rack Chins

Tri set:
Ez bar drag curls
Lateral Db raise
band face pulls

Overall Workout Grade:C+

Failed on my OHP, big time bro!!!!!!! It kind of sucked.
It was extremely cold in the garage and I did a poor job of warming up. Plus I had been on the road coming back from vacation all day. Sooo... I'm not really sure what to make of this miss. As of right now I plan on staying at this same weight and giving it a crack next cycle.
No matter what happens, even if it is time to reset, I am ok with it. My OHP has made some solid and consistent progress in the last 9 months.

Kicked the top CGBP set up 5lbs.

I happened to get my versa grips in the mail before this session. I used them on the rack chins. So far I am extremely impressed. And on top of that, I added 3 reps to my rack chins. I'll take it!

Finished with the tri set. Nuttin' fancy here!
Great work Josh! Sucks about top set but sounds like you've been pretty busy and might be worn down some, plus the cold . I'm sure next cycle you'll crush it! Versa grips are great, mine are finally getting broken in some and I'm getting use to them, there great! !

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
135x5 (Goal 130x5)

300x5 (Goalx5)

Decline bench crunches

Overall Workout Grade:B

Solid workout. Nothing spectacular though. Did 5 more lbs on the top set then I was supposed to. The low weight "hanging" power clean is pretty lame. I am not enjoying them. So for the top set I put the plates on so I could actually do them. Yeah buddy.
Squat went well. Creeping on back up. The last rep on the top set was a bit tough. I really had to push. This might be TMI, but I pushed so hard it made my taint tingle. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Anyway....
Solid session. Finished with some crunches. Got to keep dem der abzors strong. Yeah buddy.
Great work! Strong squatting there, and I haven't experienced that. Keep workin hard big man!
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