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Thanks KD. A six second bench rep is pretty rare for me. Usually my sets don't take six seconds.

Thanks Squatter and Hunter. I'm not that down on it. A bit disappointed is all. I'll get where I want to be. Thanks for the support.

Thanks Josh, 300 bench coming soon. Accountability report on today:

2419 Calories
185g Protein 30% of cal.
196g Carbs 31% of cal.
113g Fat 40% of cal.

I use, according to them, I got all my vitamins and minerals, fiber was a little low, but I didn't have any veg at lunch which I normally do.

Carbs were a little high as I had a piece of birthday cake and ice cream. I try to keep them around 150, as very low carb doesn't agree with me, but 150 works well.

Fats were a little high as I gobbled 5 tablespoons of peanut butter on an apple after working out. I love peanut butter, but I probably need to cut down on that! And the cake icing didn't help here either.

Protein was a little low as I skipped breakfast unintentionally. Should have had an extra shake sometime during the day, but it was a busy day and I forgot.

There you go. I'll track weight every Monday morning post constitutional to make sure I am heading in the right direction, but mostly I am going to use my pants as a guide. All my bad weight is right above my belt buckle, so that's the place I am going to monitor.

Oh, one final piece of housekeeping is that I'm not doing the meet March 23rd. We've got other plans that day and one of my resolutions is to spend more time on family things, so I'll be loooking for a meet sometime this summer. At worst, I'll hit one of at least 2 meets held in the fall.

Plans in place, now for the execution phase.
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