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HaHa, Thanks BtB! Have to check that out next. Old man just turned 48. I started the week at 205 lbs too. So need to get that back in line. This is my year of accountability. I'm going to keep track of my food too on I'll post the highlights in here from time to time, too.

Tough day with benching today! Missed the last rep in each of the last two sets, and really the last rep shouldn't count anyway as my butt was way up there. That was pretty much my ugliest rep ever!

JB, I think we need to stay at this weight or even lower it slightly as my form just fell apart on the last reps. First few reps were fine, but last ones, not so much. I have to get sort of psyched up to go after weights this heavy for that many reps, so I push past where I should stop thinking I'm going to get it. I probably should be smarter and stop sooner, but then it's a fine line on pushing it or not sometimes. Mentally , I'm trying to push it, but reps that ugly aren't useful for anything. Let me know what you think.

JBPP week 6

warmups: low back is still complaining, so all I did was foam roll roll my back rather than any rowing. Lots of band stuff for shoulders, 4x 12x 150 Lat pulldowns.

4x 225, 245
2x 3x 250 (PR, last rep shouldn't really count though)

Pause Bench:
2x 3x 205 (first and last reps paused. Threw these in as I didn't want that ugly ass rep being the last thing I did on bench today!)

Low Incline DB:
73sx 10, 7
2x 10x 63s

Tricep Pressdown: 4x 10x 140
ss w/ Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 3x 15x 140

Barbell Rollout 7x, but lower back wasn't having it so bailed on these.

First set of 250, videoed this angle as I wanted to see hand in relation to elbows. I almost lost the second rep sideways! Don't know why, but it threw me off for sure:
Second set of 250, just noticed this set I was leaning sideways too. I think I was off the bench on that side. Jeeze talk about shitty setting up. :
Incline DBs 73sx 10, these are just for comic relief! Seriously, these are the most awkward thing ever! :

So, there you go. Still making progress on bench, but I think it is slowing down and in my opinion, I need to be stopping before my reps get that shitty. I also need to be sure I set up exactly right each time. That's just stupidity to not be set right to start.

Still, good stuff. Set a PR, don't want to diminish that. I'm even a little proud of myself for grinding out a bench rep. I usually can't grind them out, so that's something.

Onward and upward.
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