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Originally Posted by mr_bigmuscles View Post
Try running 5/3/1 as it's written - 10lbs per month increase to your training max.

If you want to squat twice a week, you could throw them in 5x5 @ 70% after deadlifts, and do your hamstring assistance on your "main" squat day.

EDIT: just saw Mike already made my suggestion... see great minds think alike!
Thanks for the comments Mr Big Appreciate the input!

Originally Posted by Paradox View Post
I've found the biggest increase in my squats have come from training Sheiko-style. Now, you don't have to follow Sheiko programs, but the ideas and philosophies are a must (personally).

Follow Prilipen's chart, squat two-three times a week (increase this as you get more experienced). You'll be doing a ton of sets (3-6), with relatively low rep numbers (between 1-5 reps per set). Percentages of your 1RM will range from 70-90%. This way you get a ton of practice in a non-fatigued state, really perfecting your technique. Additionally, all that volume really builds your overall work capacity.

From what I've seen so far on the forums, a lot of people seem to be very American style of training oriented, and with that comes technique? I've found that switching my technique from flat shoe/sitting back to olympic shoe/sitting down, my raw squat has skyrocketed.

My overall aim is to transition off of Sheiko numbered programs and design my own cycles in the same philosophy. I'd also like to move into squatting 4 times per week overall. This will take a great deal of knowledge on how to manage volumes on a daily weekly and monthly level.
Thanks Paradox, I have decided on tweaking the 531 into a 321 with multiple top sets, and some extra squatting on deadlift day.

Want to elaborate a little more on what you mean by sitting back vs sitting down? I had a real hard time sitting back flat footed so I purchased oly lifting shoes which helped tremendoulsy, but I still find myself having issues with sitting back. From what I have been told, my first cue is breaking at the hips.
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