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Default Bamazav is becoming a Juggernaut

Thank you to Jordansart and Infinite Labs for giving me the opportunity to try and log about Juggernaut Pre-workout.

I train fasted typically. Today was a little odd as I was thrown off my usual schedule. I had a protein shake about 30 minutes before I took Juggernaut. I mixed my Juggernaut with slightly over 6 oz of water. I was sent Crimson Punch to try, it was a great choice for me. It mixed easily in my shaker and tasted light and smooth. My first test of pre-workouts is how does it affect my bowels. Many I have tried stimulate the wrong areas of my body. Juggernaut did no such thing. That is +1 in my book. The taste was very pleasant and easy to take, there was not the strong powdery taste or fishy smell of some products. The powder was very fine, making it mix easy.

I felt very focused throughout the workout. I was able to work very quickly and efficiently. Since I am also starting a new rep/set scheme I am not able, yet, to address pump, strength and fatigue. As for Day 1, I really like this product. Here is today's session.


2 x 3 x 205
8 x 3 x 185
DB Pullovers
10 x 5 x 20

Hip Thrusters
3 x 10 x 95

Bench Press
10 x 3 x 125

5 x 3 x BW (197.4 this AM)

3 x 10 x 95

I was looking forward to today's session. I wanted to experiment with rep scheme. I had to take my son to his doctor's appointment this morning so that pushed my session back until noon. I am giving Juggernaut a try as my pre-workout. With that taken, I set about the work.

Squats - Was ambitious and started using 205, but realized I probably was not going to get 10 sets with that weight. Not being sure what to expect I backed down to 185 and plan to add 5 lbs on Friday. I felt like I actually got stronger as the sets went along, though I started to feel the work about an hour after the session

Hip Thrusts - Will add some weight next time and will also move these to before the squats. My goal is to try to induce better glute activation overall and it has been suggested to do these before the squats to help bring this about. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Bench - May have actually started these too light. I was unsure what to expect from the 10 x 3 scheme. I worked really fast with rest being only long enough to enter into my log and then throw the ball for the dog. I will add weight on Friday.

Chins - Rather than adding reps, I will be adding sets to these until I can get to 10 x 3. I will add one set next time.

BHNP - Today was a lighter shoulder day. I will do the BHNP 10 x 3 on Wednesday along with the deadlifts.

Day 1 of Juggernaut was a win in my book. Looking forward to giving this a test in the coming days.
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