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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I'm pretty new like you and have done 3 times a week squatting, 5 times a week squatting, twice a week squatting and once a week squatting.

I liked 3 times a week the most (HLM), but I progressed pretty slow. 5 times a week greased the groove the best, but I was beat most of the time and progress was only decent at best, not great. Once a week, I made huge gains in short order, like what I am doing now, but recovery is a lot tougher and gearing up for squat day is maybe more mental than physical because you know it is going to hurt during and after.

Honestly, it's what works for you. Everyone has a troublesome lift that won't be fixed by a cookie cutter program. Deadlifts are that for me.

If I were you, I'd hammer the crap out of squats once a week, then do a medium session somewhere else in the week. Like 5-3-1 plus BBB one day, then front squats or some other variation on deadlift day.

Get your form fairly tight, then beat the snot out of volume. Squats can take a pretty big amount of volume in my opinion.

However, all that said, you can compete right now. No chance your squat will "embarrass" you. Your supposedly "weak" squat will not be out of place in any competition you do. Especially with your good bench and deadlift numbers which will put near the top of your age and weight class almost certainly.

But it's not about winning yet. It's about setting a mark for yourself to beat later.
Yeah Mike I also lked the HLM 3 times a week squatting in a 5x5 format. I progressed very rapidly, 10lbs a week, although it wasn't real as I was squatting above parallel thinking I was doing a great job haha! I need to work on my depth and form with heavyish weight for more volume that I get on 531. I also have to commit to focus HARD on improvement and not just accept the gains when and if they come.

I appreciate your words Mike. And you are right. The first meet is about setting the mark to then improve upon, which is what powerlifting is all about I do need to start practicing some paused benching, as that will be a totally different animal!!
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