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Originally Posted by sandraW View Post
I have never been a fruit eater in my entire life but I want to get hooked on it because I think that it may help me with my sweet tooth. For example, on Friday, with my lunch, I actually ate half a cup of peaches. Then later in the day I did not really crave any sweets. Do you think the two go hand in hand?
Fruit is actually a pretty generic term when you're talking nutrition. Were those peaches canned, in syrup? If so you just ate a ton of sugar, just like a soda or candy. That's why you need to get in the habit of reading nutrition labels. Yes, it's tedious at first, but after a while you'll have a good idea of what's good and what's bad. You'll be empowered by your knowledge to make better decisions.

When I was still obese, I had 2 ways to deal with cravings for sweets. One was diet soda, and the other was grapes. The only real downside to the soda is if you believe the negative hype about artifical sweeteners. Personally, I think they are overblown and still use diet soda as something sweet when I just want to put something in my mouth. Grapes are one of the more sugar heavy fruits, BUT it's natural sugars, still preferable to the sugar syrup that comes with most canned or prepackaged fruit.

The less sugar in a fruit, the better it is for your goals. Bananas are great for cramps and soreness, blueberries are packed with lots of great things, and strawberries and apples are packed with fiber. These are all preferable to more sugar heavy fruits like grapes, rasberries and pineapples, but the sugar heavy fruits are still MUCH better than prepackaged fruits.

A good rule of thumb is that if you buy it as an actual fruit, you're basically good to go.

FIBER IS YOUR FRIEND. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that your body can't digest. That's why it cleans out your digestive system, which is great, but it also FILLS YOU UP. Quite frankly, the more fiber you can get, the better. Most fruits and veggies are fibrous carbohydrates. These are far and away the best type of carbohydrates for someone whose primary goal is fat loss. I've been known to eat 3+ apples a day when my goal is fat loss. It takes time to eat them, which satisfies your need to nibble, and they are packed with fiber while only being 30-50 cals each.
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