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Thanks fellas! I have a bit more perspective on those lifts now as I didn't realize no back support makes such a difference. Also, 125 BNP for 8 is pretty good for me and is a PR although I didn't realize it at the time. And doing those BNP just wiped out my stamina for the military. The initial reps were pretty strong, it was the later reps that were just pitiful. That's a stamina issue. I do want to bring those numbers up though. No way they are good enough considering what I can bench.

Anyway, had FUN today! I was busy and sore on Friday, so I put off back day until today and since I had some extra rest and it was a speed day anyway, I decided to add in some Power Snatches!

JBPP week 5

warmups: band shoulder and arm stuff, multiple sets of 12 Lat Pulldowns with 150, wood bar dislocations

Power Snatch:
6x 1x 95
4x 1x 115
1x 125
1x 135 (PR)
0x 155, 145, 145 (close on the 145s! Just wasn't dropping under bar enough)

Snatch Grip Speed Deadlifts:
2x 1x 255 (Hook Grip failed on second rep, strapped up on second set, but these were too slow anyway)
5x 5x 225 (Hook Gripped all of them, shredded my left hand!)

Heavy Rows with some cheating:
6x 205, 195 (too heavy)
3x 7x 185

2x 20x 90 Leg Extension
ss w/2x 20x 45 Leg Curls

2x 20x 90 Leg Extensions
ss w/ 2x 20x 35 Leg Curls

Also supersetted the leg stuff with KK Rows! Those were fun. Sort of like high pulls
4x 10x 155

135 P. Snatch:
155 miss
145 misses
2nd set of deadlifts with 225:
4th set:
205 Rows:
185 Rows:

There you go. Today was fun, even the shredded hand isn't that bad. Mostly just callouses that ripped off.

Good stuff. Looking forward to week 6!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Edit: Fixed the videos! Now the missed 145s are in there.
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