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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
That certainly looks like an interesting contraption. What inspired you to use it? However, that mule kick device is also sounding interesting. Maybe do them after Donkey Squats!

It appeared to me Devan is not pushing his knees <> as ge descends. This is a key part of creating a hole to sink into. I also think it's one of the toughest parts of the squat to learn and to do it consistently. Cue is of course to spread the floor.

Nice too see a post from you at any rate!
It is actually a pretty legit machine, I used it just cause I've never seen one. Also I have pretty strong tibialis anterior from all the walking in the army, I never get shin splits, so I kinda wanted to see if I could move some real weight on it. I'll definitely relay that to Devan, I was going to mention it today, but I forgot.
Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Strong working Randoja ... keep growing your powerbelly ....
Thanks buddy, for me that's the easiest place to build mass lol.
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
get after it. Get back involved with the lifting communities, read articles, find your passion.
Good call Steve, I think all of that definitely fits into the solution!

And I lifted
1-11 Back Biceps

Close grip lat pull 15@70--15@110--15@110--10@140--12@130
Wide Grip 10@140-10@100
Kroc Rows 10@70--2x10@60
UH BB Row 3x12@135
HS High Row 10@70--2x12@80 (per side)
EZ Bar preacher curl 3x10@60
Concentration curls 2x8@20
Pinwheel Curl 8@25--2x10@20
Hammer Curl 2x8@25
BB Shrug 12@135--12@225--8@315--18@275

Was really working on controlling the weight and working the intended muscles. My training partner really helps keep me in check if I start just trying to throw the weight around. It's nice to be reminded that the numbers don't really matter unless you are a competitive powerlifter. My main goal is size and physique, yet I always get caught up with the weight, so it helps me stay focused on my goals for sure. Once I cut though, I will train purely for strength and conditioning.
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