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Time to start over...
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Default Ricka - The Rebuilding - Phase 1

Okay, so I'm trying, again...

I have history of trying and trying, and trying and trying, and trying..until I break. No rest, bad technique, crap diet, all the excuses. Even though I've made tremendous strength gains in the past 4-5 years, I still have numbers I want to break, and fat I want to lose.

My recent downtime is the result of a left shoulder injury, from almost a year ago. After 3 cortisone shots, and 3 bouts of physical therapy, the only option was surgery. I went in September 13th for a Distal Relocation, fancy term for shaving off the end of my collarbone; along with some other clean up inside the shoulder joint. A slight tear of the meniscus also kept me down, but that healed on it's own. The Doctor just made sure it was strong.

I'm going back near full bore starting next week. I've been to the gym a few times, to gauge current strength, range of motion, cardio endurance, etc. I feel good now, even with nasty 3 day old DOMS from a set of full-body complexes on Wednesday. I have a plan, but it's ever-changing. But in better ways than before. I will monitor my diet and make adjustments as opposed to cheating. I will eat enough, which I usually don't, at least healthy foods. I will continue to keep my alcohol intake fairly low, less than a 6'er per month on average.

My initial diet is mostly liquid in the AM, but solid foods pre and post workout. Lots of amino's, lots of water, lots of protein. A few staple supps for support, and a few other supps to boost performance.

Workout will be 3 days a week to start with weights, using a full-body complex I designed, called a DeathPlex. It's a "holy-shit" kind of complex, with multiple reps of various moves, all rolled into one "rep". I'll aim for 5 reps to start, with light assistance work on off days. Goal is to hit 7 reps, then add weight. Here's a quick breakdown of what one rep actually consists of...

Bar on floor to start
5x deadlift
5x row
5x clean to shoulders
5x press
5x back squat
return bar to waist
10x shrugs
5x row
return bar to floor
rest 90-120 seconds, repeat.
I also start each workout with a few sets of push ups and planks.

Yeah, I thought "holy-shit" after doing these, but I also felt it all over my body. I figure these will be used to condition my body for Phase 2, starting after 6 weeks. I'm also doing cardio 5x a week, mixing of bike, treadmill, rower, and stair climber.

Weekends are off, rest and stretching only. The only changes I see are going to happen if, and only if I change jobs, and that would only be to adjust scheduling so I can keep things rolling. I'm currently a 9-5, but am hoping to make a change, and try for 7-3 or 8-4 shift. I have some possibilities on the table, but nothing set in stone.

So there it is...any comments, questions, suggestions? I'm open to listening, although this plan was actually looked at by 2 Doctors and a nutritionist, and they said it looks difficult, but not impossible for somone at my stage.

I'm so ready to get lifting again. I'm too damn fat, and not nearly strong enough. If you noted I mentioned a few other supps, some of those are dirty, i.e. PHs & RCs. I won't make much mention of them here, but will post thoughts and mini-reviews in the appropriate forum.

I'll update again after the first session, with stats and initial reports. The gym I use is a dump pollutted with teams of "awesome" lifters, who gang up in areas and clearly try to intimidate. Most I don't even acknowledge, and keep to myself so I can do work, and go home.

Peace to all, except the iron mistress. I will find you, I will kill you. I will succeed, I will dominate, I shall not falter nor fail. My new "me" is being born, and I am seeking vengence.
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