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I found a piece online which gives some details for working out the 36:36 protocol rep cadence and the breakdown of the 6-minute test used to establish it. I've set the minutes out on separate lines, below, to make for easier reading, as opposed to a block style text in the original.

Remember to start the test on your weakest side so that you end with the stronger arm. Enjoy!

Del’s Daily Workout | 36/36 Snatch Test Protocol | KettleBell Nation

The first thing you have to do is to establish at what snatch cadence you need. This is done by doing an incremental test that lasts 6 minutes. Basically you just start out slow and for each minute you increase the cadence. When you have get to the 6th minute you go all out snatching as many times as you can without stopping for at least one minute. The test might look like this but is subject to individual differences:

1st minute: 10 reps left arm,
2nd minute: 12 reps right arm
3rd minute 15 reps left arm
4th minute: 17 reps right arm
5th minute: 18 reps left arm
6th minute: 26 reps right arm (all out effort)

The 6th minute reflects your cadence, hence that will be your interval training tempo. It is very important for the protocol that you continued snatching for the entire 6th minute.

My result was 27 repetitions. You then take 60% of this figure and use that as your cadence throughout the test. In my case this was 16.

Now set your timer for 36 seconds work and 36 seconds rest.
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