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Originally Posted by Kuytrider View Post
I had an injury over Christmas and needed a mental break in any case as I was getting to the point where I hated going to the gym. Still cutting for the next 5 weeks I would say. On the plus side, my conditioning is really excellent in comparison to where it was. Managed 15 x 20 sec cross trainer sprints with 40 seconds rest and I was faster at the end than at the start with lots left in the tank. Weighted chins are doing better because I am lighter, managed 5 sets of 3 easy with 10kg on the belt all reps dead hang and may get to 20x3 sooner rather than later. Nothing to write home about but a PR nonetheless. Also managed a mighty 280kgx6 in leg press, also a PR. Probably won't be logging as much as before but I'll never leave MAB Thanks for your concerns

By the way, where the hell is the big muscle icon? That's my favourite

Nice work Kuyt!
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