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Thanks fellas! Did get a PR today, but missed a rep. A little bitter about that. My form was just a bit off today. Oh well, it is what it is. Oh, Monday was a washout too. It's getting very hard to workout on Mondays, might need to adjust my schedule. But for now, I'll get everything in this week by Saturday for sure.

Anyhoo, JBPP Week 5

warmups: rowing and a lot of band shoulder stuff and shoulder mobility stuff.

4x 225
2x 4x 245 (PR)
2x 3x 245 (Really thought I was going to get it the second time around. Nope)
5x 225 (Extra set with lighter weight for comparison)

DB Skulls:
10x 28
3x 10x 30
ss w/ Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 4x 12x 150

Zottman Curls:
16x 23 HA! These were hard as a mother.
3x 20x 18
ss w/ Tricep pushdown: 150x 5, 8, 7, 7 (these were extra just for the hell of it)

A lot of arm and chest stretching

First set of 245:
Third set of 245:
Fourth set 245:
5x 225, If processing ever stops:
DB Skulls, like third set?:

Rushed the set up on theat 3rd set with 245, also my left shoulder just gave out halfway up, not sure why, didn't hurt or anything, just sort of chunked and stopped working.

I was sure I would get the 4th rep on the second try, but nope. I did the extra set with 225 to see where I was going wrong. Best I can tell I was just flaring my elbows too soon. I felt plenty strong. Form just wasn't there.

That said, this was a good day in general for weight moved. I have never felt totally confident going for reps with 245 and I was today. So that is a huge positive going forward.

Also, I love how frigging gigantic my arms feel after Mondays!! Petty, I know, but all those curls and tricep stuff just blows up my arms. Pretty cool.

There you go. Good day, Squats tomorrow. Going to crush those.
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