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Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
For the sake of discussion I ask, what if I try to fix them? How would I go about that without putting myself at risk for an unnecessary injury?
For the sake of discussion, as I've said in my first two posts you would do the movement with therapeutic loads. I'm assuming you can point your elbows behind you and bend and straighten your arms, yes? If so then it's a natural movement. The only issue we have now is being able to do that with weight on a regular basis, for that we would need to discuss further individually what specific issues you had which causes you to fuck yourself up and work from there.

While that is something I do enjoy doing, it would take more time than I have in this thread and I would need to see videos and we would essentially have a client/trainee commitment.

I would gain another useful assistance exercise, yes, but would my bench press and overhead press show dramatic improvement vs the other assistance exercises I am currently using?
Can I really be expected to know whether the inclusion of Dips would show dramatic improvement to your other lifts?

All we are discussing is how to be able to lift without hurting yourself on the basic exercises. What we are discussing here is basic, basic conditioning. Before the foam rolling, before the prehab Just. Being. Able. To. Fucking. Lift. What you do with that, I wouldn't know. There are plenty of people who are physically able to lift and don't do much with it.

So what you would gain is the ability to do Dips. Beyond that, who knows, perhaps you would gain absolutely nothing other than the ability to do Dips and it would have absolutely zero effect on your Bench or other pressing movements.

Best regards,

Extraordinary Harry.

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